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American War of Independence

Product Number: CSO1 (Hand painted ground stone)
The battle that helped to create the United States of America. This set depicts some of the memorable people in this bit of History. Americans: King is General George Washington; Queen, Betsy Ross; Bishops, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson; Knights, the Marquis de LaFayette and Benedict Arnold; Rook, Independence Hall; Pawns are a Private of the Third New Jersey Regiment, the "Jersey Blues" British: King is George III; Queen, Charlotte, wife of George III; Bishops, Prime Minister Fredrick Lord North and General Sir William Howe; Knights, General Charles, Earl Cornwallis and Benedict Arnold; Rook, the Tower of London and the Pawns are a Private of the Grenadier Company of the Coldstream Guards.

King Height approximately 7". Requires a board with squares of 2-1/2" to 2-3/4" (not included).

Suitable boards include: CB24W, CB24RW, H503, H806Band H822.

Price: $950

Also available: CS1 (Undecorated cream and brown)
Price: $275

South Florida
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