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King Arthur Chess Set

Product Number: CD06
Revisit the splendor of Camelot, the Majesty of King Arthur, the Elegance of Queen Guinevere, the Magic of Merlin and Sir Lancelot's thrill of the hunt as he and his steed slay the Dragon. A detailed, heavy set of Ground Stone (ground Marble and Resin), Hand Decorated (partially painted). The King is 5-1/2" high and the Knight is a heavy 10 oz.

This set requires a board with 2-1/2" squares. Suitable boards include: #H822, #H806B and #H503
Price: $375

Also available: #CP25 As above, fully Hand Painted in rich colors, a stunning set.
Price: $500

Also available: CS50 As above, Hand finished to simulate wood for the dark side and stone for the light side. The brown and ivory colors are antiqued with stain to highlight the details.
Price: $250

South Florida
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