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Shakespeare and the Globe

Product Number: A182S (Hand decorated)
We are pleased to present Studio Anne Carlton's Chess Set, Shakespeare and the Globe. This set is packed in a printed presentation carton with a parchment history sheet detailing the characters in the set. Hand decorated the pieces are painted in Aqua, Rose, Black & Gold to highlight the wealth of detail found in the design.

The pawns on each side are different, the dark side is represented by Yorick's skull and the light side is representative of life, fresh flowers and eternal prose. The King is Shakespeare, Queen is Lady MacBeth, Bishop is Falstaff, Knight is Nick Bottom and the Castle is the Globe Theatre.
Requires a board with 2" to 2-1/4" squares.
Suitable boards include: #H401, #H501, #H201A, #C451 and others.

Suggested boards: H401 and H862

Price: $410

Also available: A182 (Undecorated brown and ivory)
Price: $225

South Florida
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