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The Samurai Chess Set

Product Number: A175S
The King of this set is Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Diamyo (Military Governor); the Queen is Okugata, which means Honourable Wife; the Bishop is Masamune, a master swordsmith; the Knight is represented by a Samurai, an Elite warrior; the Castle is representative of one of the most beautiful Castles in Japan, Osaka Castle, built by Hideyoshi in 1583; the Pawn is a Ninja, a deadly skilled warrior. Made of Ground Stone/Resin. Colors are Blue with Silver trim and Green with Gold trim. KING HEIGHT 4 1/2"
Requires a board with 2" to 2-1/4" squares (not included).
Suitable boards include: #H401, #H501, #H201A, #C451 and others.
Price: $410

Also available: A175 (Undecorated Cream and Brown)
Price: $225

South Florida
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