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History of Golf
Hand Decorated Chess Set

Product Number: A166S (Hand Decorated Ground Stone)
There is no other sport as richly endowed with outstanding characters, incidents and locations as that of golf. In this set, we have drawn on the rich history of the game to suggest individuals and places that have played an important part in the refinement of golf, from what was a mediaeval peasant's pastime to the game we know and love today. This set is a delight to own and makes a remarkable presentation piece. Shown on board H401 (not included). KING HEIGHT 5 1/4"

Requires a board with 2" to 2-1/4" squares.
Suitable boards include: #H401, #H501, #H201A, #C451 and others.
Price: $410

Also available: A166 (Undecorated Ground Stone)
Price: $225

South Florida
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