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Dinosaurs Chess Set
Hand Decorated

Product Number: A164S
Dinosaurs are one of the great success stories of evolution. They totally dominated the Earth for 160 million years, eventually dying out 65 million years ago, long before the origins of man. This set is designed as a tribute to the dinosaurs and shows several types, each representing an important piece in the game of chess. They have been created with skill to show the imagined colors, textures of skin, scales and horns. The result is a tasteful and probably accurate image of the species. A move back to the beginning of time.

Hand decorated to highlight the detail, it is made of Ground Stone. King Height 5"
Requires a board with 2" to 2-1/4" squares (not included).
Suitable boards include: #H401, #H501, #H201A, #C451 and others.

Price: $410

Also available: A164 (Undecorated Ground Stone)
Price: $225

South Florida
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