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American Civil War
Hand Decorated Chess Set

Product Number: A160S (Hand Decorated Ground Stone)
This highlighted set shows skillful hand decoration by picking out the blues and greys of this turbulent period in North American history. The battles between the Northern Federal Army, commanded by General Ulysses S Grant, and the Southern Confederate Army, commanded by General Robert E Lee resulted in a great loss of life. Shown on board H501 (priced separately). KING HEIGHT 5"

Requires a board with 2" to 2-1/4" squares (not included).
Suitable boards include: #H401, #H402, #H501, #H201A, #H201C, #H201E, #C451, #C208 and others.

Price: $410

Also available: A160 (Undecorated Ground Stone)
Price: $225

South Florida
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